Muse Creative Awards

Leslie Walsh was selected as a judge for the 2017 Muse Creative Awards!

Muse Creative Awards Judge
International Awards Associate Inc. (IAA)

Leslie Walsh is a 2005 magma cum laude graduate in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Leslie has over 11 years of experience in Illustration, design, advertising, branding, and hand-lettering. She has worked an art director in small and worldwide agencies, as a freelancer, and in the creative group she founded 4 years ago. She has had several national ad campaign concepts come to fruition, and has been invited to speak with students at her alma mater (multiple times, on stage and in the classroom). Leslie was a portfolio reviewer at SCAD (in Admissions, and for scholarships), and she work with my interns to help them find their voices refine their styles. Leslie mentors and teaches, and provides creative direction and guidance to her interns (18 total). She has always enjoyed being involved in extracurricular activities and has held leadership positions, as well as founding and organizing groups and mobilizing volunteers throughout her life. Leslie has curated gallery shows for herself and groups of artists, produced fashion shows, and collaborated in a multitude of projects including fashion styling and painting, in her free time. Leslie is also a representative for, a visual communication agency with 150 creatives worldwide, founded by illustrator (and her former professor), Mohamed Danawi. Leslie loves all things creative and is excited about the opportunity to review the work of talented individuals and determine what stands out from the crowd. 

On behalf of the International Awards Associate Inc. (IAA), we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for acting as a judge in the 2017 Muse Creative Awards competition. Without your expertise and generosity, the competition would not have run so smoothly. Your dedication, time, and energy made it possible for us to reward the participants for their creative efforts.

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